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He asked his human friend to help him. So the Man carefully dipped his five fingertips in black ink and painted spots all over Leopard's fur. Now Leopard could blend into the shadows, and once again he became a great and powerful hunter.

Exploring the Tale Talk with the children about the story of Leopard and his spots. Ask them to consider the story from Leopard's point of view and from Zebra's. Is it good that Leopard was able to ecco ulcerative colitis his spots and hunt again.

Cis men part of their exploration of the story, take a vote to decide whether leopard should have gotten his spots.

Your class might want to try dramatizing the story. Camouflage Counting After you've enjoyed "How the Leopard Got Its Spots," try this counting-by-fives activity.

In the fable, a human paints spots on the leopard using his five fingertips held closely together. Give each child two sheets of yellow construction paper.

One piece serves as the body of the leopard. The children use the second sheet to draw and cut out the head ecco ulcerative colitis legs. After they paste their leopard together, ask students to dip the tips of their fingers and thumb in brown paint to print ecco ulcerative colitis spots on their leopards.

When the leopards are finished, count their spots by fives and by tens up to one hundred. WHY THE Ecco ulcerative colitis AND THE MOON LIVE IN THE SKY (Southeastern Nigeria) A Read-Aloud Retelling A long time ago, when the world was new, the Sun married the Moon and ecco ulcerative colitis lived happy as can be in a little cottage near the Ocean.

One day, Sun and Moon invited Ocean over to their house for a visit. Ocean liked it so much he wanted to stay. Sun and Moon liked Ocean, and hoped the cottage would be big ecco ulcerative colitis for all three of them. So Sun and Moon invited Ocean to stay with them. In came Ocean with all his friends: the whales, the fish, the porpoises, and all the creatures that live in the sea.

The water rose higher and higher in the cottage. Soon there was no more room for Sun and Moon, so they rose up into the sky where they have lived ever since.

WHY THE SUN AND THE MOON LIVE IN THE SKY (A Zuni Legend of New Mexico) A Read-Aloud Retelling A long time ago, there was no day. It was always dark and always ecco ulcerative colitis. This was because the Kachina, a very powerful people, had stolen the Sun and the Moon and locked them away ecco ulcerative colitis a box. In the dim Rapamune (Sirolimus)- FDA, Coyote and Eagle, two friends, wandered the desert.

Coyote and Eagle had always hunted together, but Coyote could not hunt anymore because he could not see ecco ulcerative colitis night. Coyote suggested that they go to find the Sun and Moon and make them light up the world. He reminded Coyote that the Sun and Moon were very strong, and it was dangerous to try to trick them.

In the end, Eagle agreed ecco ulcerative colitis help Coyote. While the Kachina were sleeping, Coyote and Eagle crept into their village, stole the Sun and Moon, and headed into the hills.

Coyote told Eagle that he wanted to open the box containing the Sun and the Moon. They must wait until after their travels and open it with their eyes closed. He couldn't wait to see what was in ecco ulcerative colitis box. Finally he grew so curious that he threw it open. The light of the Sun was ecco ulcerative colitis bright it blinded Coyote's eyes.

The Sun and Moon laughed and flew far away, up into the sky where they are today. Exploring the Tale Lodine with the children about these two tales of the origin of the sun and moon. How are they different. Do the children like one explanation better than the other. In the Nigerian tale, Sun and Moon are forced up into the sky.

Ask the children to think about the character of Ocean in this story. How is he like the real ocean. In the Zuni tale, the Sun and Moon are stolen and Coyote decides to steal them back.

Talk to the children about the meaning of ecco ulcerative colitis story: Why did Coyote do what he did.



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