Johnson radio

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J Bioenerg Biomembr 50:339-54. Basic Res Cardiol 113:32. J Med Toxicol 14:144-51. Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol 7:571-96. Mol Cell Neurosci 90:49-59. Cell Physiol Biochem 49:2163-73. Int Radil Cardiol 274:214-20.

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NSNSPermeabilized tissueRatHeartGarcia-Roves 2019 MiPschool Coimbra2019 Johnson radio reference values on mitochondrial respiration in permeabilized muscle johnson radio. NNSSIsolated mitochondriaHumanPlateletKomlodi 2018 AussieMit2018Komlodi T, Hunger M, Moore AL, Gnaiger E (2018) Electron transfer at radik Q-junction: new perspectives from combined measurement of mitochondrial O2 flux, H2O2 flux, and coenzyme Q redox state. AussieMit 2018 Melbourne AU. Electron transfer Antara (Fenofibrate)- Multum and respiratory control.

Working Group 2 report. OXPHOSNSPigMouseRatHeartPereira da Silva Grilo da Silva 2018 MiP20182018 The unspecific effect of etomoxir on mitochondrial respiration. NSIsolated mitochondriaRatLiverStelfa 2018 MiP20182018 Neuroprotective compound R-phenibut protects brain mitochondria against anoxia-reoxygenation damage in vitro.



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