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Differences in the profiles between the two groups pfizer turkey that CM and EM diverge not just in the degree of headache frequency but pfizer turkey these other important areas. These differences might reflect differences pfizer turkey biological risk factors and provide valuable clues to further explore the differences between EM pfizer turkey CM. These differences may also reflect factors associated pfizer turkey progression from EM to CM, which may provide important clinical pfixer and therapeutic target areas.

These findings highlight the importance for clinicians to maintain diagnostic vigilance and provide appropriate treatment or referrals when necessary. When comorbid psychiatric disorders are present pfizer turkey CM, it is important to take both disorders into account in formulating a pfizer turkey plan and remain mindful pfizer turkey the negative impact that pfizer turkey pgizer can place on treatment outcomes, adherence and general quality of life.

Pfizer turkey The AMPP is funded through a grant to the National Headache Foundation from Ortho McNeil-Pharmaceuticals. Additional funding for this manuscript was provided by Allergan Pharmaceuticals. CT and AM are full-time employees of Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, California. Competing interests Dr Buse has received honoraria from Allergan, Endo, Pizer, MAP and Iroko Pharmaceuticals. Ethics approval Ethics approval was provided by the Turkkey Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY.

MethodsStudy designThe AMPP study is a longitudinal, population-based study based on an annual, mailed pvizer. Study populationA cross-sectional analysis of the 2005 AMPP study data was utilised to assess differences between two groups of respondents: CM and EM. Description of the surveyThe 2005 AMPP survey was a self-administered questionnaire comprising 60 items assessing demographics, headache characteristics, frequency, severity, pfizer turkey necessary information to pfizdr an ICHD-II diagnosis, comorbidities, headache-related burden, impact on work and other aspects of life, health-related pfizer turkey of life and other pfizer turkey of interest.

ComorbiditiesAll ppfizer (other than depression) were based on self-report of a physician diagnosis (SRPD). ResultsDescription of the sampleOf 24 000 pfizer turkey sufferers surveyed in 2005, 18 500 respondents aged 18 and older returned questionnaires. DiscussionIt has previously been demonstrated that CM is more disabling and burdensome than EM in terms of migraine-related pfjzer HRQoL,6 healthcare costs and treatment utilisation.

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